The Ultimate Credit Card Mastery Course

The only online course that will give you the secrets and proven strategies to get approved for the best credit cards, no matter your credit score!

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The Ultimate Credit Card Mastery course is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to get approved for a credit card — but how to qualify for the highest credit limits.

This Master Course Is For You If:


You are building or rebuilding your credit and need a roadmap establish new credit lines of credit. 

Learn behind the scene techniques to ensure that apply for the right cards!


You never want to be denied again when applying for a credit card

Learn the exact bureau credit card companies pull from before you apply and the specific criteria needed to get you approved!


You want to know the secrets to establishing high limit credit cards

Secret insider tactics to obtaining high limit credit cards and credit limit increases!

Here's what's inside...

  • How properly complete a credit card application to get approved
  • Insider tips on how to structure your credit report for approval
  • Learn the major card company's application rules
  • Learn the minimum requirements to get approved for major credit cards
  • Secret tips to get approved for credit limit increases
  • Learn exactly what to say to get approved through the reconsideration line
  • Learn how a secret algorithm can affect you credit limit
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What my students are saying...


T. Warren

"It's weird how I was just getting denied for everything and now look! "

B. Pearson

"I would definitely recommend this service. I was going through a potential financial crisis. Due to Ms. Wallace's expertise, I was able to avoid a life changing situation! "

S. Wilson

"Thank you sooo much!! I was approved for the platinum card with a $15,000 limit!!! I would highly recommend this service "

Hey! I'm Shelley Wallace

Owner of Conquer Your Credit and your Credit Coach!


Trust me when I say, I know exactly where you are. I once felt trapped by my money woes. I wasn’t progressing in life the way I wanted to. had no budget, no savings and a credit score of 471! My credit report was filled with judgements, collections, late pays and charge offs. 

Finally, I was fed up and decided to take charge of my finances, starting with my credit. Within in two years, I was able to purchase my first home. To date, my credit score has gone up by more than 300 points!

Being able to utilize my credit to purchase my home, a new car, etc has come with a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and confidence. Now, I'm sharing my experience and expertise with you! As a board certified credit consultant I've curated courses, resources and tools that will help you conquer your credit challenges and goals.

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Bonus: Secret Credit Card Hacks eBook

This Exclusive eBook Will Show You

  • How to secure tradelines without a hard inquiry
  • How to upgrade your credit card for better rewards
  • ​How to hide credit card utilization
  • How to use a credit card to pay your mortgage

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